Screenshots & photos

This was our initial test system, however it still works. Basically a microcontroller connected to some external SRAM. On the lower left corner is the Interface 2.0 (MAX232), in the middle a 5V voltage regulator and on top the parallel programmer.

Software development

Hardware development

The adaptors we had to build due to a wrong socket definition on the PCB. Looks a little like E.T....

The first time the system really worked - the night before the Jugend forscht 2002 country fair.

At the Jugend forscht country fair 2002

...and again

You can find more photos at Alexander's website. Follow the links to the photos ("Fotos" in German).

The TI Server

This is an animated session. It had to be simulated but that's what things actually look like on a TI-82.

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