Mobile Internet access for
graphing calculators

A project for "Jugend forscht 2002" by
Burkart Lingner, Alexander Mann und Marc Schappeit

Object of our project is to gain data communication between a PC and one or more graphing calculators in the sense of a network. The communication itself is the basis to a lot of further opportunities: The PC works in the network as data server with internet access. Thereby it's possible to the calculator's users to get mobile internet access, which gives them all the opportunities of the world wide web: With the calculators they can send SMS' to mobile phones all around the world, send and retrieve e-mail, chat with people from all continents or gather information from the growing number of WAP pages. Also there's many applications during everyday school.

That's a schematic of our project: Several calculators and their according microcontrollers, which are connected to a PC via radio. The PC itself is connected to the nRF401 via an interface, the hardware on the calulator side is a bit more complex. Here the microcontroller controls the radio communication, saves the received and to-be-sent data in an own memory and delivers it to the calculator independent of the time-critical radio protocol.

Schematische Übersicht des TI-Net-Projektes

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