PC software

All source code is written in Borland Delphi 5 and has not been tested on different versions. If you do or don't succeed in getting it to work on another Delphi version or on Kylix, any feedback is welcome.

In order to compile this project you need the high resolution timer component installed. Also necessary is the Varian Async component. As far as version numbers are concerned: The installation routine says it's version 1.54, the readme.txt says 1.60... Anyway this version is the one we use. It is downloadable here because the company's website is down for quite some time now.

Both the executable and the source code version of the server contain some example offline content and a users.txt with user admin, password admin.

These are supplemental tools not necessary to run a TI-Net, but they might be interesting so they're included here. CRC calc generates radio packets according to the specifications, the Serverlog analyser reads TI-Server log files and displays only the interesting information out of it, SerCom is basically a terminal program with advanced TI-Net related features. As SerCom accesses the serial port, the Varian Async component has to be installed if you want to compile this project (not if you just want to run the executable).

Microcontroller software

The package contains the source code aswell as the assembled Intel hex file. The code is written to be compiled with the freeware 8051-Assembler ASEM-51.

TI-82 & TI-86 software

All software was written with Jeremy Goetsch's Assembly Studio 8x so it might not assemble properly using TASM. All TI-82 programs require the shell CrASH (page seems to be down, try the mirror).


All of the documents currently available here are mostly written in German.

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